Why focus on youth?

The adolescent years build on the foundations established in childhood and set the course across the lifespan. In focusing on "youth," we are referring not only to a specific developmental period, but also to the childhood experiences that influence youth, as well as the early adult years that are determined by successful adolescent passages.

Investments in adolescents, or conversely the failure to address their needs at this stage of development, can result in lifelong consequences for youth and for our society.


Latest News

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CFYS Director Dr Anne Marshall, collaborating with Dr. Chris Lalonde (UVic), Dr. Lorna Williams (UVic), Dr.
You're invited to attend the 2016 UVic Provost's Engaged Scholar Awards recognizing our Director Dr. Anne Marshall.

Featured Researcher

Catherine Costigan is a research fellow with the Centre for Youth & Society, a clinical psychologist, and a professor at UVic. In an interview, Dr. Costigan discussed some of her research, particularly her Intercultural Family Study. This longitudinal study is investigating how Chinese parents and teenagers deal with the challenges they face after immigrating to Canada. Costigan and her research team have recently begun collecting the second wave of data from a second sample of participants. Photo: Costigan (middle back) and her research team.

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